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                The flag-raising ceremony speech to welcome the delegation from Bairnsdale Secondary College

                Taizhou Experimental Middle School   Mr.River


                 Topic:Promoting the implementation of curriculum reforms and strengthening the regulations and management of students.


                Distinguished foreign guests, Ladies and gentlemen, dear teachers and students,

                今▲天上午我们举行一个特别的升旗仪式,This morning, we’ll hold an extremely special flag-raising ceremony to welcome the delegation from Bairnsdale Secondary College from Australia . 26名澳大利亚学生和7名领导和老师来参加我们的集会。26 Australian students and 7 leaders and teachers come to participate in our assembly. Standing on my left, is Mr.Rod Dunlop from Education Department in Victoria , Standing on my right,is the assistant principal from Bairnsdale Secondary College ,Mr Domenic Zampia and the others are teachers and students in the delegation.

                Now ,let’s show the delegation from the Latrobe city in Vitoria, Australia our kindest regards and warmest welcome!


                Bairnsdale Secondary College and Taizhou Experimental Middle School have a lot in common. Firstly, both of the schools are the largest ones in the local areas. Secondly, both of the schools have senior campuses and junior campuses . Thirdly, in both of the two schools, students are very kind and friendly especially can tolerate others. Fourthly, the curriculum goals in both schools also have much in common. In addition, both of the schools focus on the subjects such as sports, music, art, mother tongue ,mathematics ,foreign language, and information technology.

                当然,我光澤们也有很多不同的地方,通过这次文化交流,我们将虚心向他▓们学习。一是学习他们的课程设置。学习他们的课程目标或学生培养目标, 例如:把学生培养成行为表现优秀;为自己那也說不過去学习负责,努力争先创优;积极自信,关心他人;善于沟通,灵活应变;尊重〗理解他人,欣赏和容忍文化差异;珍惜并积极参加各种教育实践等。他们学校能 沒錯向学生提供足够的并能符合学生教育和职业戰狂搖頭一嘆需要的课程选择,我们也要在课程的设置上将走向△更加灵活和◢超前,我们实验中学在新的学年将设立传媒艺术课▂程、医药保健课程以及A-Level 海外直通升学国际课程。

                Of course, we also have many different places.Through this cultural communication, we should humbly learn from Bairnsdale Secondary College. One is to study their curriculum , especially the course objectives for the students. For example, they assist and encourage students to: Strive to achieve their highest level of performance ,Take active responsibility for their learning ,Value excellence in achievement and endeavour ,Become positive, confident and caring citizens ,Communicate effectively and adapt to change ,Respect and understand others ,Appreciate and tolerate cultural differences,Take advantage of opportunities to participate fully in a broad range of educational experiences.

                They can offer all the students a comprehensive curriculum which can meet their needs of education and occupation choice. They have a large range of course options. Our curriculum should also be more flexible and in advance. In this new school year , we shall set up the course of media arts, course of medicine and health and A-Level international course ,which helps the students directly to the oversea universities.

                二是要学ζ习他们的学生考勤和请假制度,在学生的你還要負隅頑抗出勤和请假方面他们抓得比我们∩严格,对家长也提出了明确的要求,学生不可以随樹林中才能汲痊葵水之精則在至陰至寒之地便出校,除非有家长和Ψ 学校的批假条。三是要学习他们对学生校园服装的管理,他们要求学生穿正九幻真人狡黠确的和统一的校园服装。他们要求学生带齐所有所需的书籍文具等。可是,我们◣有的学生早上进校,手上没有任何书本,这种现象要彻底改变。最后是要你速速進去接受傳承学习他们学校对家长的要求。如果学生请卻突然在落日之森外圍退下來假离校,回校后家长和家庭是要签名写条交学校,以确保学生100%的出勤。他们要求美女交給你了家长和学生自己对在校的日常规范负责任,充分发挥了家长和家庭的教擲地有聲育作用。

                The second is to learn their systems about student attendance requirements and reporting absences . They carry out the systems more strictly than us. And they also put forward clear requirements to the parents. Students may not leave the school grounds during the day for any reason at all unless approval has been granted by parents and the school.

                The third is to learn their regulations about their students wearing school uniform. They request all the students to wear school uniform in the schoolyard ,and the students should take required books and pens etc. However, some of our students, do not have any books or school bags with them when they go to school. We have to change this kind of situation.

                The last is for us to learn their requirements for the parents .In their college, families and parents are asked to write a note and sign their names if a student wants to ask for a leave, so that they can ensure the students to maintain 100% attendance. We should also contribute to making parents play an important role in our school .

                总之,随着新课程改革的推进和但也差不多实施,引进和吸收国际◇先进的办学资源和办学方法是学校发展的↓一个方向。实施素质教育是教育工作的主题,而推进课程改革是实施素质教育的关键环节。此次,班斯代尔中学的代表团来访 你雖然只是筑基中期向我提供了一身上籠罩著滿滿个宝贵的学习机会。我们相信我们一定会从他∞们的课程设♀置和管理中学到很多宝贵的东西。

                In short, with the new curriculum reform and implementation, introducing and absorbing the international advanced educational resources and method of running school is a direction of school development. The implementation of quality education is the theme of education work. Promoting the curriculum reform is the key of implementing quality-oriented education link. The delegation from Bairnsdale Secondary College will offer us a good opportunity .We are convinced to learn something from their curriculums and regulations .


                Dear teachers and students, in the next ten days, the delegation will experience our students' family life ,go into our classrooms, and participate in outdoor activities .We hope that in the next ten days, we should sincerely respect each other , actively participate and cooperate together, overcome various difficulties, offer help and concern to them so that we can make a good impression on the world.


                Finally, I wish we achieve great success in this cultural communication .May the friendship between Bairnsdale Secondary College and our school last forever!

                That’s all., Thank you


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